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Our Mission

The Town Superintendents Association of Allegany County, Inc. was founded in 1952 and incorporated in 1986.

"The mission of the organization shall be to act as a medium of instruction in the conduct of highway construction and maintenance in the various municipalities throughout the County of Allegany, to interchange ideas among the members of the Association that each may gain from their colleagues, to coordinate the efforts of Highway Superintendents in the interest of better highways and more efficient service to the traveling public via a centralized communications point www.allbackroadsinfo.com; to investigate, study, discuss and recommend, improvements in government throughout the State of New York; to advocate and support such legislation as may be for the betterment of the municipalities in the State and to use the influence of the members to oppose legislation not conducive to the best interest of the people of the State and particularly the interest of Allegany County, at all times promoting the principle of home rule in the local governments of the State of New York."