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     Member Login     Phone: (585) 567-8764   E-mail: acthsa@gmail.com   Address: 10275 County Road 15, Fillmore, NY 14735  

Executive Committee

Dan Ford, Town of Alma
5838 Allen Street, Allentown NY 14707 
Shop: 585-593-4021
1-year term

Bill Bigelow, Town of Amity
1 Schuyler Street, Belmont NY 14813 
Shop: 585-610-0764
2-year term

Shawn Dunmire, Town of Wirt
PO Box 73, Richburg NY 14774
Shop: 585-973-7745
 3-year term

Rick Hall
Village Superintendent Representative 
1-year term

Mike Lublin
Chemung Supply/Vendor Representative 
2-year term

Don Kernan
Donegal/Vendor Representative 
1-year term

Logan Neill
Suit-Kote/Vendor Representative 
3-year term

Tom Windus
Allegany County Representative
1-year term

Kevin "Fred" Demick
Town & Village of Angelica and New Enterprise Limestone/Vendor Representative
1-year term